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1 Month Food Storage Guide



A newsletter from the desk of

Jonathan Hollerman

and Grid Down Consulting


COVID-19 Updates

    Is anyone surprised that when you re-open the country you are going to have a spike in infected?  Everyone knew that would be the case, yet constant hand-wringing by the press.  Daily, I read shocking headlines for news stories discussing the doubling and tripling of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the US, RARELY, do I see them mention the fact that we have also quadrupled the daily testing rate over the same period of time. It is so blatantly obvious that they withhold that simple piece of readily available information to promote fear and division for political purposes.


Whose numbers can you trust?


While it’s difficult to determine what is true, one thing we do know is that there is another wave coming. And protecting your family is of utmost importance. So how do you do that?


First, I would recommend caution when listening to ideas and advice from the numerous YouTube prepper channels. While it’s good to listen to professionals and get ideas, what works for one family might not work for yours.


Second, I would recommend analyzing your specific family’s needs like:


  • Where do you live?

  • Are you in a large city, suburbs, or country? 

  • Do you interact with the elderly? Or do you have an older parent living with you?

  • Are there people in your household that have autoimmune issues or dietary restrictions?

  • Can you work from home? 


The answers to these questions will help you determine if or how often to wear masks, what social distancing should look like for your family, what types of meals and food you should have in your short-term food storage, etc. 


To hear more about my thoughts and recommendations on COVID-19, check out my YouTube video


To start your free 30+ days of food storage or to encourage family members to be better prepared during the next wave of COVID-19, check out my Pandemic Food Storage Prep YouTube video.


To get the full, unedited versions of these two videos, an additional 40+ minutes of content on these topics, connect with me on Patreon


Where's the Truth?


   Finding the truth about EMP’s and Cyber Security issues is becoming more difficult to find. In fact, with so many people writing fictional books about the apocalypse and how people survive, there is tons of misinformation, especially around how people act whenever they and their family are starving.

That’s why my first recommendation for people is to follow the EMP Commission and the research they are doing. Their executive reports might be tough to read as they are long and have loads of information, but if you stick through it, you will understand much more about the threat, how EMP’s work, and the struggle we are having hardening the grid. I have other book recommendations and websites to follow.


Click here to watch my YouTube video sharing how to find accurate information.


Or if you are on Patreon, make sure you watch the full 20 minute version there as I explain more. 


What Is Happening In China?


It always drives me crazy that news stories of what is happening in other countries aren’t covered in mainstream news. They might mention it, but the majority of outlets focus on political angles and not what threats we might be facing. Dr. Peter Pry talks about what China is working on in the EMP front and how our response to COVID-19 makes us look. 

“America looks fragile to dictators who would replace the U.S. world order with a new one dominated by themselves.” - Dr. Peter Pry

Our leaders cannot agree on anything, we have glorified rioting and looting, our food supply chain has broken down, power companies are working hard to limit their workers, and above all else, there is fear.


China and other countries have gotten to watch how unprepared we were for this virus and all the dysfunction as all the political parties fight each other. Where does that leave us? Are other countries waiting for the right moment to make a move?

Stay tuned next week for a Current Event video on this topic. 

Other Must-Read Articles


The following report by the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security.


While some in the media have only recently picked up on the Super EMP threat from China and their willingness to use such a weapon… we were discussing these very same data points at last year’s Electromagnetic Defense Task Force.  There is such an overwhelming mountain of evidence that EMP is a very real threat to our country’s existence, it’s frustrating to watch the politicians and most of our military leadership turn a blind eye to it.  


In article “Overview of Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons and Protection Techniques Against Them” from the People’s Republic of China’s Air Force Engineering University describes nuclear EMP weapons as “the most powerful and effective variant of electronic warfare weapons for waging Information Warfare."


Our next battle won't be here on the ground. It's going to be online and in space where you won't know it's happening until the lights flicker out. 


Even thought it's a longer report, please take the time to fully read it here.  


I predicted this a year ago when the president signed the executive order
on EMP.  


The DOE has asked for more information on Trump's executive order. I predicted that when the report finally came out, the DOE would have done virtually nothing and the report would state that they need to do more studies to understand the EMP threat. Low and behold... this is blue-ribbon level "kicking the can down the road" strategy.


The DOE has been claiming the exact same thing for almost 16 years since the original Congressional EMP report came out, even though we have plenty of data and tests over the last 20 years to start hardening the grid. "We need more testing..." they continually and perpetually say... yet they refuse to run the tests. 


Duke Energy donated a 1 million dollar HV transformer to be used for EMP testing two years ago! The DOE has yet to pay to have it moved to the testing facility, yet we are to believe they are serious about testing... what a joke! Buy beans and bullets. The government isn't going to fix this mess, just continue to ignore it and hide from it.


The DOE has long proven to be nothing more than an extension of the Electric Utility lobby and have no intention of fixing this problem.  They are merely using stall tactics until Trump is out of office.  At this time, we are trying to reinvent the wheel and ask more questions as opposed to working on solutions for hardening the grid. 


View the article here.


Cyber Security Threats- China Has Breached Our Defenses 


While companies are taking the time to build security lines for threats, we are forgetting about how countries can completely bypass defenses through the back door. We have already known that other countries had the capability to get into our systems and now we are seeing that China has joined those countries. 


View the article here. And stay tuned as I discuss my thoughts on this article more in my next Current Event video. 


     As I have noted before, these are perilous and uncertain times.  I realize that it’s hard to know what to believe and how to plan for an uncertain future.  But you can’t give in to that fear.  You have to stay focused on the things that you have control over.  Don’t bury your head in the sand and ignore the warning signs that may come, but don’t panic either.  Stay aware, stay vigilant, make a plan of action and attack it. 


As always,

"Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best, and let God do the Rest."


Jonathan Hollerman


Some additional updates


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You might have already seen that I am moving a lot of content over to Patreon. I am seeing a change in how social media is run where companies are now taking down videos and content their leadership disagrees with.  Some things I am sharing:


  • Early Access to videos, resources, newsletters, and books

  • Recorded Current Event and Informational Videos

  • Current Event updates

  • Live Q&A's where you can ask me questions. I will be doing my very first Live Q&A on August 15th. Make sure to ask some questions in advance and join us for these sessions. 


Join me on Patreon.


Lastly, I just wanted to share that my family and I are moving to another chapter of our life. We have been waiting for God to answer some prayers, and it seems like it is time for us to move to another state. Thank you for your patience as I do continue to write and develop content for all of you as I want you to be as informed as possible. I look forward to writing and sharing more in the near future. 

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