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What services I DO provide:

-  Preliminary survival and retreat advice and solid, realistic prepping theology


-  Existing survival retreat analysis and recommendations.


-  A “Bug Out” plan of action - Designing a specific Bug Out Bag(BOB) for each member of your family, Pre-planned “escape” routes, Bug Out Vehicle selection, etc.


-  Survival Real Estate property search and acquisition – The biggest mistake most preppers make is buying their land without expert guidance.  There are literally dozens of prerequisites to consider when looking for an effective retreat location and it’s an extremely costly mistake.


-  Custom designed survival retreat architectural plans and drawings – Very few architects understand or have experience developing cabin or house plans to meet the needs of a prepper.


-  Stocking your retreat with the myriad of emergency supplies and tools you will need to make an off-grid lifestyle possible.


-  Security advice – How to maximize the security of your Survival property and your cabin.  How to prepare for and handle potential threats.


-  Weapon selection and training – This is an emotional subject with many differing opinions.  Just because your friend is a policeman or gun store employee, does not make him the best person to advise you on long-term survival weapons.  “SHTF” weapons should be selected based on reliability and function not looks or cool-factor.  I can also help train you and your family to use them safely and effectively.  


-  Long Term Food – Developing a plan to provide your family with the nutrients necessary to survive long term.  Be wary of “one year” long-term food packages online as almost every supplier underestimates how many calories a day you will burn in a stressful environment.  My philosophy is to incorporate a well rounded plan of canned goods, pre-packaged freeze-dried meals, core staples (rice, beans, salt, etc…), seeds for gardening, and small fast breeding animals (chickens, rabbits, etc..) to ensure your family doesn’t run out of food.


-  SERE training – I can provide extensive on-site training in survival skills, escape and evasion, building fires, water procurement, shelter construction, compass navigation, night ops, etc…

What services I DO NOT provide:


-  Taking on clients that operate as a militia or are anti-government  -  I hate to see what’s happening to this country as much as the next guy, but if you think that your Militias are going to take on the US military and overthrow the government, you need to drink a big warm glass of reality.  I only work with people whose intention is to provide a safe haven for their family and loved ones.


-  Helping you design a survival bunker or fallout shelter for a long term survival situation under your house in (insert rich suburban neighborhood here) - You need to do more research into human nature and societal breakdown scenarios.  Underground bunkers are great for Hurricanes and short term emergency situations, but you CAN NOT survive long-term underground without going crazy or being discovered by looters when you “come up for air”.  If you can afford a large underground survival bunker, than you need to buy a peice of land well away from town and place it there!


-  Assisting clients that don’t have the financial resources to build an effective retreat.  There is nothing personal in this, but I am limited in the amount of clients I can take on.  I am currently working on a full-length preparedness manual geared towards preparedness on a budget which will be published this summer.