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"BethAnn's Story of Survival"


     So you think you're afraid of the dark? Twenty-two-year-old Beth Ann is content with her small-town life. That is, until the day America’s electric grid is destroyed by terrorists. What starts out as an inconvenience quickly becomes a catastrophe—not only do the lights stay off, but cars won’t run and phones are dead. The world screeches to a halt. Without communication and basic supplies like food and water, widespread confusion spirals into deadly chaos within days. A wealthy opportunist saves the townspeople with his secret cache of food and easily takes control of the desperate town. But the darkness that follows is even more devastating than the electrical outage. When Beth Ann finds herself on her own, she must do whatever it takes to survive. Alone is a companion novel to the best-selling Equipping Modern Patriots Series, written in coordination with Survival Expert and Preparedness Consultant, Jonathan Hollerman.

     One of the most common issues I face when consulting with new clients, is loved ones and family members who aren't on board or don't understand the dire threats we face as a nation.  I hope this new book that I co-authored can bridge the gap with friends and family members who might not fully support or understand why prepping is so important.

     Alone: Beth Ann’s Story of Survival, written by Christina Hollerman, is based on my EMP series and shows a realistic view after the grid goes down from a woman’s perspective. This book not only gives some beginner prepping advice but also delves more deeply into the emotional and psychological state of a young woman who is alone after this disaster.

Available at your favorite book store, Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Ibook, and Soon on Audible.

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