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GRID DOWN: Death of a Nation



Grid Down: Death of a Nation, is an eye-opening report on the psychology and physiology of Human Desperation, Starvation, and living in a world Without-Rule-of-Law.  This report is specifically targeted to emergency planners in the public or private sector who may be strategizing a long-term grid-down scenario brought on by an EMP attack, a massive CME (solar flare), devastating cyber attack, or physical attack that could potentially destroy America's electric grid.

Click below to read the full, 92-page report.

Grid Down Cover V4 - Front.png

Disclaimer:  This report is the sole perspective of preparedness expert and best-selling author, Jonathan Hollerman.  The information, perspectives, or ideas contained within do not necessarily represent the perspective of the Electromagnetic Defense Task Force or any other entity that may choose to reference the document.

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