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Do you think you could
live off-grid?

These books will give your family and friends a reality check for what can happen if we lose our electric grid. And they will give you tips for how to get started.


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The book that started it all...


/ 03



    "First there was Stephen King with The Stand, then there was James Rawles with Patriots... Jonathan Hollerman is clearly leading the newest charge of survival genre fiction... a must read!"                                                 





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"Survival Theory is
one of the top
survival and
preparedness books
to come out in the
last 10 years.
Each chapter is
filled with practical,
everyday tips and recommendations
that anyone can immediately use
with their family.
Survival Theory also
takes the guesswork
out of guns, gear, and supplies" 

All books available in Paperback and on Kindle...

Click Here to visit Hollerman's author page on Amazon

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