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Long-term food storage spreadsheet rEVIEW

     I am coming to the magnitude of the EMP threat late in the day and the file jumpstarts my effort to get my head around everything.  I have read all three of  [Jonathan Hollerman's] books in the past few weeks and was beginning to type up all of the text that I highlighted for the same purpose.  My guess is that many of your readers will find the file very helpful.


     The family/retreat worksheets provide a good holistic view and highlight the size of the issue, not only in terms of calories, but also in terms of physical storage space requirements and expense.  We have begun to sample the Mountain House meals so we can focus on the ones we like the best.  


     The BOB checklist worksheet is also very helpful and goes beyond what I could have compiled from my highlighted notes, particularly the different contents for the bags for my wife and kids.  Having the lists in a spreadsheet facilitates prioritizing each item for acquisition and checking it off once acquired so I can focus my time and resources on the next most important item(s).  Your specific brand recommendations are also very helpful, since time is of the essence.  It is just amazing to me how little has been done to harden the grid since the 2004 and 2008 reports.  And now North Korea has two satellites in orbit that pass over the U.S. (Kwangmyongsong-4 circles the earth about 15.27 times a day), so in my opinion the “when” in “… when, not if …” is getting closer.


On a different note, I am eagerly awaiting your next book from [a woman's] perspective.  I have a feeling it will be very helpful getting my team fully onboard and aligned.


Keep charging.  You are doing yeoman’s work.


Best regards,
Mike, Virginia

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