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EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots

"New Beginnings"


   In the third chapter of the Amazon Top Ten Bestselling, EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots series, Jonathan Hollerman reveals the struggles behind the survivors’ efforts at picking up the pieces and starting over in the ashes of a world destroyed by a nationwide, long-term, grid down scenario.


     After the devastating battle at the East Homestead, Sean’s family regroups and makes some new alliances.  However, with those growing bonds, new risks arise.  Colonel Harris struggles to feed the 31st Regiment while attempting to offer his assistance to the locals in their rebuilding efforts.  A new player descends on Tionesta with unknown aspirations while an ominous looting force, the size of a small army, entrenches itself nearby.  


     Despite the emerging prospects for a new beginning, a looming shadow hangs over the fresh buds of optimism.

a sample from the Audio Book Version of

"New Beginnings" narrated by BJ Harrison.



New Beginnings - Prologue - Jonathan Hollerman
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Available at your favorite book store, Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Ibook, and now on Audible.

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